I. Introduction and Motivation

  • Goals of the Class
  • General Thermodynamic Principles

II. Quantum Mechanics and Energy Storage

  • Equations of Motion
  • Particle Motion

III. Statistical Descriptions and Ensembles

  • Microcanonical Ensemble
  • Comparison to Other Ensembles
  • Equilibrium
  • Application to a Gas

IV. Pure Substances: Basic

  • Maxwell Relations and Other Properties
  • Ideal Gases and Basic Equations of State
  • PVT Behavior and Phase Changes

V. Pure Substances: Advanced

  • Residual Properties
  • Advanced Equations of State

VI. Mixtures: Basic

  • P-T-y Diagrams
  • Ideal Mixtures and Raoult’s Law
  • Excess Functions

VII. Mixtures: Advanced

  • Advanced Equations of State and Mixing Rules
  • Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium Calculations
  • Miscibility
  • LLE and VLLE

VIII. Advanced Topics in Energetics

  • Student Presentations


  • Required: Schaum Outline: Theory and Problems of Thermodynamics with Chemical Applications by Abbott and Van Ness (ISBN: 0070000425)
  • Optional: Van P. Carey, Statistical Thermodynamics and Microscale Thermophysics, 1999 (Paperback), ISBN: 0521654203
  • Optional: Terrell L. Hill, An Introduction to Statistical Thermodynamics, 1986 (Paperback), ISBN: 0486652424


Project - 30%
Advanced Topic - 30%
Exam - 30%
Discussion - 10%

Advanced Topic:

Each student will prepare a one-hour lecture on an advanced topic in energetics. This assignment includes:

  • A literature search with resources given to the class at least 1 week prior to the presentation,
  • An in-class presentation, and direction of class discussion, and
  • Creation of course notes posted on the class wiki.
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