Advanced Topics

Tentative Schedule

  • 10/21: Freeman (MD Simulations)
  • 10/27: Siw and Wang (Nanofluids)
  • 11/11: Larkin and Oleyar (Stats and Magnetics)
  • 11/18: Zeng and Leven (Applications)
  • 11/24: Nik and Pisciuneri (Combustion)
  • 12/2: Chung and Ryu (Microbubbles)

Fall 2008 Advanced Topics

NOTE: Mehdi and Patrick - please work with each other to make sure that your topics do not overlap!
NOTE 2: Sang Kug and Kyungjoo - as we discussed, you two also need to work together to make sure there are no overlaps between your topics.

Fall 2007 Advanced Topics

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