ME 3007 - Fall 2007


The objectives of this course are to understand and apply the theory of Thermodynamics and transport properties, to distinguish the thermodynamics of properties from the thermodynamics of systems, to acquire the capacity to calculate properties from a minimal set of experimental data, and to gain the abilty to estimate properties based on chemical behavior. Topics include derivation of the Gibbs Equations and Maxwell relations, advanced equations of state, molecular structure and fugacity, mixing rules, and vapor-liquid equilibrium calculations.


  • NOTE: The Exam will be given at 9 am on 11/4/08.
  • REMINDER: We will meet at our standard class time on Tuesday, 10/14.
  • The regularly scheduled class on 10/28 will be held on Monday, 10/27, instead.
  • The regularly scheduled class on 11/25 will be held on Monday, 11/24, instead.
  • The exam is tentatively scheduled for 11/4.
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